60 Seconds With…. Craig Eaglesham

We had 60 seconds to ask Craig Eaglesham, Head of Project Delivery, some quick-fire questions. Here’s what he had to say:

  1. What region of the UK do you class as home? Specifically Ayrshire but in general, home for me is the South West Coast of Scotland. Having grown up in Ayr and Prestwick, I had a 6-year stint in Gourock before finally settling back in Largs. I like being near the calm of the water and out of the way of the hustle of the city.
  2. Where is your favourite holiday destination? I’m definitely a fan of active holidays vs poolside ones as I like exploring/site-seeing and continually moving. Some of the best holidays I’ve been on have been road trips in our VW campervan when we still had it or multi-stops with the car. My last big road trips had me driving through Italy, France and Switzerland. Recently we’ve been exploring more of Scotland and the Hebrides and Small Isles. I’ve recently discovered a great wee bothy (Sweeney’s Bothy) on the Isle of Eigg, and there is nothing better than going on the off-peak in the middle of winter with the stove on and some locally brewed beer in hand.
  3. Favourite music band? It’s too hard to pick one as I have a really eclectic (read as poor) taste in music. One minute I could be listening to Frank Sinatra, the next some obscure band no one has heard of.  I have recently re-discovered my love of Velvet Revolver. Hopefully, that buys me some street cred with someone.
  4. All-time favourite movie? I’ll need to pick three. Lost in Translation, Local Hero and Beetlejuice (a classic from my childhood that never gets old).
  5. You have only been with Traveltek for a few months, what three words would you use to describe the company culture? Future-focused/progressive, people-orientated (from our customers and suppliers to our staff) and above all, rewarding.
  6. What industry were you in before you joined Traveltek? Before joining Traveltek, I was Head of PMO within the Transport Industry, overseeing a diverse project and change portfolio ranging from IT infrastructure upgrades to complex civil engineering works across the Scottish rail network.
  7. You have joined Traveltek as Head of Project Delivery so what project are you most looking forward to delivering over the next few months? What am I not looking forward too! Having joined the company during such unprecedented times that have challenged the current operating environment, I am most looking forward to building upon Traveltek’s already strong reputation as a key supplier to the industry and elevating project delivery to a function that consistently delivers. With exciting developments ahead on our product roadmap, some other projects to include the continuation of our AWS migration project; providing significant benefits such as 50% – 75% reductions in year-on-year support tickets, system uptime of 99.99% and greater resilience, flexibility and increased reporting speed.