60 Seconds With… Dianne Clifford

We had 60 seconds to ask our Head of Customer Support, Dianne Clifford, some quick-fire questions.  Here’s what she had to say:

Where are you from?

Ayrshire born and bread and based at Traveltek’s East Kilbride office.


Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Las Vegas – it’s so much fun!


What’s your favourite film?

Pretty Woman or A Star is Born


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Olly Murs. Although I’m not at all embarrassed by it!


What is the best thing about working in travel/technology?

Having worked in the travel industry for 18 years, it’s great that I’m now in a position where I can use my travel experience to help improve the technology and the technical support that our partners receive. I also find it really interesting to see the ‘behind the scenes’ of how suppliers distribute their stock to agents.


Why has Traveltek chose to move to Jira and difference has it made?

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve our service offering, we moved to Jira’s industry- leading software earlier this year, to give us improved issue management and prioritisation capabilities. It provides us with better management information, allowing us to analyse the root cause of issues, and also hosts a set of comprehensive, product user-guides, enabling our partners to refresh their knowledge and troubleshoot (where possible), eliminating the need to raise a ticket in many cases.


What is your top tips for using Jira?

My top tip has to be provide lots of detail when you raise a ticket. We receive many tickets on a daily basis where there is just not enough information on for our technical support team to begin investigating problems, and if they have not been provided enough information to recreate an issue, it ultimately causes delays in resolving issues for our partners.

In order to help us, help you as efficiently as possible, we would suggest the following is provided when raising tickets:

1. Detail of the issue you are experiencing

2. Clear instructions on how to recreate the issue

3. A link (URL) to the page you are experiencing a problem with.

Whilst screenshots can also be helpful, links/URL’s are preferred as they contain a session key which allow our team to quicker debug issues that you are reporting.

4. Detail on the behaviour you are expecting from the platform when performing the action reported


What is your 2020 goal for the Traveltek support team across the globe?

Our goal for 2020 is to provide enhanced levels of service and support and in line with this, we will be introducing new Service Level Agreements for all partners in the next few months.


What can our customers do to prepare for the peak booking period?

I’d recommend partners to review all of their open support tickets and close down any that are no longer required – this will allow our teams to focus on resolving any key issues that remain outstanding for our partners in preparation for peaks.

I’d also suggest that partners ensure their teams are aware of, and make use of, our KnowledgeBase (within Jira Service Desk). It’s a great tool and empowers partners to self-service and quickly find answers to common questions efficiently.