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Learn How Traveltek’s Products Can Increase Your Booking Volumes

At Traveltek, we could talk for hours about how our products can help transform your business, but let’s face it, we are slightly biased! The best way is to let one of our customers tell you about their journey, which resulted in them increasing their daily quotes by 100% and the number of bookings by 200%. Without further ado, let us talk you through MyCruises journey.

Who are My Cruises

MyCruises is a specialist cruising brand by My Holiday Centre. Since 2015, they have been handcrafting the best cruise deals for Australian cruisers, taking them all around the globe! The brand thrives on quality, innovation and unbeatable value for money. In a world where the cruise industry is evolving at a rate of knots, MyCruises strives to deliver only the best—the best itineraries, on the most cutting-edge ships, departing from easily accessible ports to ensure ultimate convenience for their customers!

What were the drivers or pain points that made you realise you needed to invest in your technology platform?

  1. Lack of connectivity to suppliers and a manually heavy process when making bookings.
  2. The sales team had to use several different systems to book products – air/flight/hotel all came from multiple booking engines, which wasn’t an efficient process for our sales team, as it was very time consuming and frustrating.
  3. They also had to manually load bookings into our system, which was labour intensive and open to human error.

We also realised that the current technology infrastructure was not sustainable if we wanted to scale the business.

What key things were you looking for in a technology partner?

  • The technology provider had to have dedicated support in our region – Asia Pacific.
  • Opportunity to scale the technology as the business grew. Scalability was a key driver for us.
  • The technology solution needed to be a one-stop-shop with all elements available within one platform.
  • The technology solution would have the functionality to improve the customer service experience by having the options to implement automated and interactive customer journeys.
  • The functionality to automate the manual selling, booking and reporting processes, thus freeing up the consultants time to focus on selling rather than administrative tasks.

What were the main reasons that you selected Traveltek to be your Technology Partner?

  • They have dedicated support within the Asia Pacific region.
  • Their products are fit seamlessly into the search and book product – iSell.
  • Working in a packaged environment, we needed to have a technology partner that would allow us to package products together. Traveltek’s search and book product iSell would enable us to achieve this flexibility.
  • Cruise makes up $4.5bn of the Australian market. Having all the major cruise lines connected was a crucial driver in selecting Traveltek as our technology partner. They have over 200 cruise suppliers in their platform, with 30 offerings live end-to-end booking functionality.
  • We needed a robust mid-office system that would manage customer receipts and supplier payments. Traveltek’s mid-office product iBos is tailor-made for the travel industry and seamlessly integrates with iSell their search and book product, thus providing us with transparency and a 360 view of customer and supplier payments.

After implementing Traveltek’s technology into your business, what benefits have you seen?

  • We now have an easy-to-use and robust reporting tool that can produce reports suitable for sales and management levels. We can easily track what consultants have sold daily, weekly and monthly, plus produce reports on the number of inquiries and quotes – having this reporting capability has allowed us to become laser-focused on sales.
  • From a consultant point of view, the Traveltek platform now means they can turn a quote into a booking seamlessly, which has resulted in improved customer service and a reduction in human error.
  • We now have a one-stop-shop for all products sold through Mycruises.
  • The Traveltek system allows us to manage group inventory, an essential feature for our business model.
  • Now that we have an easy to digest sales reports, we have delivered more relevant marketing content and maximised the ROI on our marketing investments, which is fantastic in this current climate.
  • The ability and freedom to build our own cruise packages, which include flight, hotel and cruise utilising the Cruisetek product, means we can quickly and easily get bespoke cruises out to the market.

What metrics did you utilise to demonstrate that Traveltek’s products were delivering success for your business?

  • Quoting productivity – We have increased daily quote per consultant by 100%, which is a massive increase in efficiency for the sales team.
  • Booking volume – Due to efficiencies delivered within the booking process, we have seen a daily increase of 200% in the number of bookings consultants can deliver. As the industry continues to bounce back, our business now has the right technology platform to quickly and efficiently scale the businesses.

To solve MyCruises pain points and future business goals, they implemented the following Traveltek products:

  • iSell – Traveltek’s awarding search & book product
  • iBos – Purpose-built for the travel industry mid-office office product
  • Cruisetek – Advanced cruise packaging product

If you would like to know more about any of the product mentioned, then head over to our request a demo page!