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New Kids on the Block

The 2018 summer internship has just begun, bringing seven fresh-faced students to Traveltek HQ, East Kilbride.  As in previous years, the 2018 application process was extremely competitive.  Adverts were promoted by all Scottish universities and online via the Traveltek careers site and social media channels. From a pool of 117 applications, seven students were chosen based on their academic background, personality and passion for technology. Our interns come from a range of Scottish universities and a variety of backgrounds including Scottish, Polish, Indian and Japanese. This year’s new recruits are:

Chris Hunter – 2nd year Software Development for Business student, Glasgow Caledonian University

Chris Wylie – Information Technology graduate, University of the West of Scotland

Dominic Small – 3rd year Computing Science student, University of Glasgow

Mikolaj Lukasik – 1st year Web and Mobile Development BSc student, University of the West of Scotland

Dylan Thinnes – 1st year Computing Science student, University of Edinburgh

Kathryn McBain – Computing Science graduate, University of the West of Scotland

Sridha Agarwal – 3rd year Software Engineering Student, University of Glasgow

Since the introduction of the internship programme, the teams have had a major influence at Traveltek and we have implemented several of their suggestions. We truly value the interns we have at Traveltek and look for the best of the best, evidenced by the rigorous application process.  Our interns are certainly not here to make the coffee and open the mail; we task them with real-life, challenging situations, urging them to employ their own problem-solving skills and past experience with the support and guidance of our in-house mentors.

The 2018 interns are mainly based within the Design and Development departments and we have tasked them with a project based on our in-house website creation tool, Page Builder.  The interns will have the opportunity to improve the NX Black and White Journeys of our websites. This is the code base that we copy into new client’s websites as a starting point.  A key goal at Traveltek is to deliver the best travel websites and functionality for our customers across the globe and the work the interns are doing at the moment will be of major benefit to the teams, saving them time when building new websites.

A month into their internship, we caught up with our latest additions to the Traveltek Team.  Here’s what they had to say:

“I decided to apply for the internship after attending one of Traveltek’s Half-Hackathons. It was this that sparked my interest in web development – I’d definitely recommend coming to the next one! So far, the tasks we’ve been assigned are much more relevant to the business than I had imagined an intern would be doing – definitely no tea-making here!” said Kathryn McBain.

Sridha Agarwal said, “So far, everything has been going great, everybody has been super helpful. I took an internship with Traveltek last year as well. Previously, my team and I worked on a different project with less communication with others on the tech team. This year, we are working on something which is more integrated so I get to talk to people from other parts of the business and understand how it all ties up which has given me a real insight into how the business functions. I really enjoyed my internship last year and so far, I can say the same for this year!”

“The internship has been good so far, it’s great that we’ve been given some proper projects to work on. In particular, it’s good to know that what we’re working on is going to have a tangible effect on the way the design team works in the future,” said Chris Hunter.

We wish everyone the best of luck with their summer intership and great success with their subsequent studies,  Welcome to Traveltek!