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E-commerce in Travel is Big Business – Are You Cashing in on Demand?

Recent stats from ABTA suggest that as many as four in five people (81%) book their holidays online. This includes services such as flights, hotels, ground transportation and, increasingly, even cruise travel.

Pain Points

Despite these persuasive figures, some travel agencies still struggle to develop online booking solutions, often finding that the historical technology they have in place is not robust enough to deal with the emerging digital disposition of the modern traveller. Simple features such as dynamic pricing, live availability, and up-to-date content become daily pain points for agents. Moreover, historical software also has the drawback of using old technology meaning that few developers will be willing to work with applications using language that has become obsolete in the current tech world.

Software Solutions 

Thus, the online movement is persuading more and more travel businesses to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon and embrace more powerful, dynamic travel agency software. There are a number of flexible & scalable options out there for travel businesses of all sizes.

Additionally, when looking to incorporate a software solution, its important to recognise the numerous different types of devices that a consumer uses during the research and booking process. Therefore, you should ensure that any customer-facing e-commerce website you build is mobile responsive and fast. The modern traveller is notoriously time-poor, so speed is of the essence.

Traveltek’s online booking platform, iSell has been widely recognised as an industry leading travel agency software solution. With the option to incorporate flight, hotel, cruise and ancillary services in one booking it offers travel agencies the ability to compete in an increasingly competitive online market. Having been recognised as the World’s Leading Dynamic Packaging Solutions Provider for the last five years, Traveltek is an authority in this field and will ensure that you get the right e-commerce solution to transform your business.