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Say Hello to Our New Summer Interns!

The 2019 summer internship has just begun, bringing seven fresh-faced software enthusiasts to Traveltek HQ. As in previous years, the 2019 application process was extremely competitive. From a pool of over 100 applications, 50 successfully cracked our coding test and 20 were interviewed for roles. Seven strong students were chosen based on their academic background, personality and passion for technology. Our interns come from a range of universities and a variety of backgrounds including Polish, Portuguese, Pakistani, Italian and good old Scottish. This year’s new recruits are:

Carlos Nabais – Computing student at Glasgow Caledonian University

Piotr Podgorni – Computer Science student at the School of Banking and Management, Krakow

Davide Agosti – Web and Mobile Development student at University of the West of Scotland

Hanoz Bhamgara – Electronic and Software Engineering student at Glasgow University

Jawad Mahmoud – Software Engineering student at Glasgow University

Mikolaj Lukasik – Web and Mobile Development student at University of West of Scotland

Mikolaj actually joins us for his third successive internship so we’re very happy to welcome him back. The group has joined our Front-End Development team and has been tasked with testing the components which make up our current cruise packaging platform, and our soon-to-launch tour packaging module. Both are very significant products for Traveltek and therefore, with the support and guidance of our in-house mentors, this year’s interns will be having a very real and tangible impact on how our clients interact with two of our key software products.

We caught up with our newest additions and asked how they are finding the internship so far.  Here’s what they had to say:

“It’s only been a few weeks since I started this internship, but I’m really enjoying myself. No day is the same, and I can say that I’ve learnt a great amount already! I chose Traveltek because it offered an opportunity to work on projects which have a real impact on the end user. This is hugely important as it requires us to have a customer first mindset, something that can be difficult to achieve when working on university projects. I’m really happy to have been given this opportunity, and I’ll do my best to make the most of it,” said Carlos Nabais.

Jawad Mahmoud commented: “I can honestly say that the work we’ve done so far has been positively challenging. I wanted to be involved in a tech-focused company, gain further experience with the latest web technologies and learn alongside experienced developers. With Traveltek ticking all of the boxes, and also being involved in the travel industry, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to work here, given my love for travel. I’m looking forward to the following weeks of working here and learning new concepts every day.”

“I am thrilled with how the internship has gone so far, it has been a very welcoming environment with a focus on our development, allowing us all to get familiar with the technology stack. Working on software which is actually going to be used by a customer is a new experience which has definitely aided in taking the skills I’m currently developing at university and adapting them into the skills required for my future career,” said Andrew Murray.

This year’s interns will have a major influence at Traveltek and we look forward to hearing their ideas and suggestions about our software systems. We wish everyone the best of luck with their summer internship and great success with their subsequent studies. Welcome to Traveltek!