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Traveltek and Traverse join forces to offer FREE automation product to support travel businesses

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Traveltek, the market leaders in travel packaging technology and Traverse, the main supplier for automation technologies within travel are set to release a new, FREE product, for workers to reap the advantages of automation to support them through, and after the Covid-19 pandemic.  

At a time where the travel industry is more volatile than ever, businesses need a solution to reduce costs and increase capacity to thrive in difficult times.  The FREE product called ‘xFlow Studio’ is designed for individual users that can think of it as their digital helper.  It will offer them a huge improvement in their day-to-day job – enabling the digital helper to automate their repetitive and manually intensive tasks to free up their time and to focus on using it optimally.  

xFlow Studio enables users to:

  • Automate their tasks to free up their time
  • Integrate with applications from MS Office, Email platforms or databases
  • Build their own workflow with their own rules
  • Manage their digital helper’s schedule, pause or turn your automations on/off
  • Analyse the results of your automation

What example tasks can xFlow Studio’s digital helper automate?

  1. Finding Online Prices – It is a huge task to continuously look at websites manually, and gather information from there, from prices to content.  Users could set up their digital helper to automatically scrape the information, whether it’s weekly or monthly, and provide the information within a spreadsheet or database for the user to use.
  2. Copying and Pasting – Many people have to copy and paste from one system to another in their jobs, say from their Reservation System to their CRM, or to spreadsheets.  If users want to duplicate information in multiple systems, they can set up their digital helper to automate information from one system to the other, so when they type in one, the helper will fill the other system out for them and then provide them with the results of their automation.

The product is due to launch in Spring 2021 but Traveltek and Traverse are asking for those interested to register their interest by clicking here.

John O’Neill, Managing Director at Traverse commented: “This software will particularly help travel workers to gain the benefits of automation without needing RPA (robotic process automation) investment from the business”.

Mal Barritt, Chief Executive Officer at Traveltek says: “Given the current climate, it is more important than ever that travel businesses should be looking to adopt and embrace robotic automation technology within their operations. Compared to other industries, the travel industry is lagging in adopting this type of technology. And I am delighted that Traveltek is partnering with Traverse to offer this free automation product to the industry. This product will allow individuals to automate their repetitive tasks, freeing up their time to focus on more critical projects. The opportunities around automation technology within the travel industry is very exciting, and Traveltek looks forward to supporting our customers on that journey of adoption.”