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Modern Consumers in Search of a One-Stop-Shop for Booking Travel

One of the many privileges of working in the travel industry is being able to create memorable experiences for consumers. Ensuring the booking process is as seamless, enticing and cost effective as possible for the user is one of the great challenges faced by all travel technology specialists. It’s a challenge that Traveltek and our unique online booking engine, iSell, embrace with great enthusiasm.

Fortunately, our exuberance is matched with consumer confidence. A recently commissioned online YouGov poll on packaging trends show that there is a real demand for the ability to book all elements of a break in one place.

Recent Stats 

The poll of 2011 respondents showed that one in five (18%) consumers took one package break in 2018. Almost 70 per cent (69%) said they would book a UK trip using an online booking facility. This is a very promising sign in domestic travel terms and reflects the need for simplified booking systems that can cater for domestic travellers’ full spectrum of travel needs and preferred experiences.

According to the poll, the days of standard accommodation and flights package bundles appear to be on the decline. Consumers now want a broader choice of options and experiences under one booking facility.

While a substantial two thirds of consumers still require accommodation (67%) and flights (65%) to be key elements in packaging, the poll registered a growing demand for the inclusion of transfers within package bundles as well experiences such as cultural events.

Research conducted by Traveltek’s own product management team uncovered that instead of exploring countless different sites for inspiration, planning and experiences, a growing number of travellers want to be able to plan their trip using technology that is available to them conveniently in one, single booking process.

In our online booking engine, Isell, our developers were able to harness the latest technology into a single platform that supports users’ ability to integrate all their requirements in one place, both in a B2C and B2B environment.

Consumer Demand 

The resurgence of packaging reflects consumer demand for certainty and cost effectiveness. The present economic and political climate is a factor in this – many travellers understandably wish to ‘lock in’ prices and deals while contending with fluctuating exchange rates and precarious predictions over Brexit.

Traveltek’s solution is to bring ease when combining various services – activities, experiences, additional bookings – into your itinerary seamlessly. That’s what iSell delivers. Travel is not static and nor should the planning and booking experience be either.

At Traveltek, this concept of dynamic packaging – combining several travel elements in one single transaction – is one we embraced many years ago and we have spent a lot of time and effort honing our iSell platform. Thankfully that time and effort has not gone unnoticed as we have been recognised as the World’s Leading Dynamic Packaging Solutions Provider for the last five years.

If you want to get into the dynamic packaging market, contact Traveltek and discover how our online booking engine can transform your business. With over 20 years of experience and an unparalleled understanding of the market, we’ll ensure that you get it right first time.