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We have access to massive volumes of anonymised transactional data stored over a number of years, which provides a very good proxy for market behaviour as a whole.

This data is cleaned, mapped and validated before being built into a large anonymised data warehouse. Basic pre-built reports are available in Power BI so you can compare your business performance to a comparable sector or against the market as a whole. The data can be filtered by a range of dimensions, including destination, product, duration and many other key metrics. You may also create your own bespoke reports as the data model is available to you within Power BI, or we can create tailored reports for you, as you prefer. Also, when you sign up to use this product we will deliver regular insights to your inbox by using advanced data mining and analytic techniques to identify patterns and trends.

Key Benefits & Features

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Summary Performance Reporting

You have the ability to create and view reports that show how your business performance compares to both your sector and the market as a whole. That delivers invaluable strategic insight to your executives as to where you sit in the market. Without this insight, your business is largely blind to how it is performing as a whole.

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Data Insights to your Inbox

We apply analytic machine learning techniques to crunch the large volume of warehouse data to identify trends and patterns within the data without you having to hunt for insights yourself. These insights will be delivered straight to your inbox on a regular basis.

To find out more about how Data Insights can transform your business and provide you with a truly one-stop booking engine book a demo today.