Sharpen up your travel technology lingo

Traveltek is the pioneer of world-leading travel technology, helping travel agents, wholesalers and tour operators remain top of their game in a fiercely competitive global market place.

Our advanced, end-to-end solutions help travel companies work smarter, providing a one-stop shop for multiple functions including reservations, bookings, documentation and even supplier payments.

Imagine booking cruise, flights, hotels, transfers and ancillary products in one single transaction? Traveltek’s online booking platform enables you to do just that.


Traveltek’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows users to search and book holidays provided by any of our integrated travel suppliers, retrieve existing booking details, create and retrieve customers, as well as combining cruise, flight and hotel content.

Traveltek's API also facilitates third-party search and booking through our supplier integration, all within one single and consistent user interface. 

Back office system

Back office software is the systems used by organisations that customers do not directly interact with at any point in the sales process. It provides internal functionality and allows users to manage core functions including financial accounting, reporting, and human resources.


A Content Management System (CMS) is a software application or solution that allows the user to create, amend and remove custom digital content within their website. 

Traveltek's CMS, PageBuilder was produced in-house and is used to maintain our own website!


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) encompasses all aspects of interactions that an organisation has with its customers. This refers to the operations and technologies that companies use to manage the customer lifecycle, in order to improve customer relationships, customer retention and improved sales.

Customer Relationship Management software is essential in the travel industry today. These allow travel agents and tour operators to retain and recall information on customer booking enquiries. Data stored within the CRM can be used to offer a tailored travel offer to customers, as well as construct targetted email campaigns based on factors such as demographics and destinations of interest.

Traveltek's CRM module fully integrates with iSell, giving users access to customer details and enquiries all within one interface.


Travelteks Cruise Super Itineraries (CSI) enables staff to offer a cluster of travel options, pre and post-cruise to allow as many flight, hotel, transfer and attraction options as necessary. 

CSI packages provide a great upsell opportunity for any travel company selling cruise and because these packages are pre-determined, the price can be cached and displayed on your own cruise results web pages, helping you to attract more business.

Dynamic packaging

Dynamic packaging solutions allow users to present various flight, hotel and transfer add-ons to customers after they have selected their travel itinerary.

iTour is Traveltek's dynamic packaging tool, and it enables opertators mix their own stock with third party stock, to provide a complete set of tour operator packages that ready to be sold in-house or elsewhere.


A Fully Independent Traveller (FIT) refers to a tourist travelling completely independent of travel agent or tour operator itinerary services or arrangements. These travellers design and arrange their own travel plans, and do no travel as part of group tours or in accordance with any imposed schedule.


A Global Distribution System is a large worldwide network stocks inventory and sells travel through travel agents and tour operators. These platforms allow agents to access and sell hotels, airlines, car rentals, ancillaries, and activities in real time. The three primary GDS travel systems are Travelport, Amadeus, and SABRE.


iBos is Traveltek’s back office software is a web-based solution with full export and import API. This allows you to glean a complete picture of your trading status in terms of sales closed, supplier payments made, deposits paid and who needs a reminder letter.


iSell is Traveltek’s flagship product, bringing together all administrative functions in one place to support your customer or agent-facing websites. iSell provides access to all booking and customer details via our CRM. The solution also includes a shopping basket model to allow staff to build bespoke travel to customers through access to a variety of flight, hotel, cruise, transfer and event suppliers.


Traveltek's iTour suite is designed to allow modern-day travel agents and tour operators build and manage flight, hotel and transfer options; construct perfect travel itineraries and compile traditional tour operator packages.  

Mobile friendly travel website

Given the huge surge in mobile technology since the turn of the century, more and more online content is being accessed on mobile devices. Designing adaptive, mobile-ready websites is vital for any online retailer to keep pace with consumer behaviour. Mobile friendly web pages must be coded appropriately to enable automatic device detection, before adjusting the page layout and content accordingly.

Traveltek's design team will translate brand and business visions into dynamic and user & mobile friendly web pages.


Travelteks NX Platform is a framework for building fast and flexible travel website experiences. With an easy to use content management system and ready made CSS and Javascript components, NX gives you full control over your entire travel website, from static landing pages to dynamic results.


PageBuilder, Traveltek’s home made Content Management System allows clients, with no HTML knowledge or experience easily design their own adaptive, mobile friendly websites effortlessly. PageBuilder is comprised of ‘sections’ created by a web design team. These sections allow clients to customise page design and then designate areas that migrate dynamic content.

SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the tactics and strategies taken to obtain high levels of online traffic to a specific website or web page. SEO friendly websites allow search engines to crawl and comprehend the content and lay out the website without any problems. Factors such as clear content and a logical layout will improve the search engine ranking of any such website. 

Supplier Integration

Traveltek's integration with almost 200 travel suppliers means staff interact with only one interface, reducing the necessary training on supplier systems. This feature means agents and operators can continue to operate with existing commercial arrangement and retains access to the four main GDS and major cruise line providers.

Travel booking engine

An online travel booking engine is a website or software solution which allows travel agents and consumers to search and book live flights, hotels and transfers online. 


Upselling is present in many industries, and can effectviely increase travel sales and customer retention by transforming a good holiday into a great one. This tactic encourages customers to upgrade their existing product/service choice, or augment their original package with additional features. 

This technique is utilised frequently within the travel industry in the form of flight upgrades, airport lounges, attraction sales, unique experiences etc. 


A subsect of UX, User Interface (UI) is the direct interaction a user has with any system or application. 


User Experience (UX) defines all facets of a customers experience when interacting with your product/service. Understandably, this can have a massive bearing the customer behaviour, satisfaction, and loyalty and therefore must be carefully considered. 

At Traveltek, all software and systems are designed and developed under careful consideration of User Experience to ensure the best possible consumer journey. 

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