New Review Process

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our product offering and the service we are able to offer our clients, we’ll be implementing a new review process in the coming weeks.

The background

We’re currently in the process of moving the business away from its origins as a ‘development house’ to a more streamlined, software as a service (SaaS) model that will benefit you with increased efficiencies and a much-improved core platform. As part of this transition, we’ll be investing heavily in our existing product during 2019 to ensure we’re providing you with the most cutting-edge booking solution available on the market, backed-up by enhanced levels of customer service and support. In addition, we’ll be bringing you a suite of innovative, new solutions that are being developed in line with feedback received from clients and from findings unearthed following an in-depth market analysis undertaken by our Product Management team.

What this means for you

To help us facilitate the enhancements we have planned, we’ll be reducing the amount of bespoke development work undertaken going forward, allowing us to free-up the time and resource required to make these improvements. As such, we’re introducing a new process for handling feature requests. Going forward, these will be reviewed by our Product Management team who will categorise and prioritise work in line with our new Product Roadmap. This Roadmap document, which outlines our enhancement plans and the schedule for development work, is available to view here. It will be updated throughout the year as it evolves.

In the interests of complete transparency, details of how requests will be managed going forward are described below.

Roadmap Updates


Requests received that relate to an item that is on our Product Roadmap will be taken into consideration when we come to scoping and specifying the work to be carried out. Your Account Manager will keep you up to date regarding the delivery of these items.

Feedback Items / Feature Requests


We receive a lot of great ideas for new features and functionality improvements. Although it would be impossible to implement each and every one, please be assured that they are all reviewed, categorised and added to an internal inventory. This inventory, which is maintained by the Product Management team, is referred to in line with related Product Roadmap work as and when it is being scoped.

Bespoke Development


We receive a large volume of requests for changes to our system that we classify as ‘bespoke development’. Generally, items are classified as bespoke because they relate to enhancements to the product for a single client, rather than to the core system. These are the types of changes that will largely no longer be implemented as we seek to move to the SaaS model described above. Treating bespoke items in this manner will allow us to achieve the ambitious system upgrades that we are committed to delivering this year. It will have the added advantage of driving improvements to the service you receive too, as the move to a more standardised, streamlined product offering will result in a more efficient and effective level of support.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued custom and for your cooperation as we implement these new processes which we’re confident will have infinite benefits for all users.