Supplier Partner Strategy 2020

The relationship Traveltek has with its supplier partners is a fundamental one and is key to both parties and our customer’s successful growth in what is a very competitive and challenging market. The key areas of development for 2020 will focus on the following pillars:

  • Increased communication with supplier partners
    • Going forward we will be arranging regular supplier meetings, increase transparency on supplier integrations and timelines for updates and suppliers will receive a monthly edition of Tektalk.
  • Hold feedback and think-tank sessions with suppliers
    • Throughout 2020, we will hold sessions with the cruise and touring sectors. So, watch this space for an invite!
  • Review our content strategy
    • Based on feedback from customers, execute an improved process regarding the delivery of content for cruise and packages.
  • Improve ticket resolution times
    • Work in partnership with the customer service team to devise new initiatives to drive down ticket resolution time

Throughout 2020 the commercial team will be focused around delivering objectives based on these pillars.