Create Your Own Cruise Packages

Within iSell, our cruise dynamic packaging solution allows you to present multiple flight, hotel and transfer options to your customers after they’ve selected a cruise. However, if you want to take your cruise offering to the next level, our advanced packaging module, CruisePro, is the answer. It was developed to provide forward-thinking companies with a way to tailor-make their own cruise packages, allowing you to hand-pick components to create your own, unique cruise product.

We work with the world’s leading cruise lines and provide ship descriptions, details cabin information and supporting images that will bring your cruise packages to life. There’s an admin tool that allows you to make your own insightful edits too.

CruisePro combines your industry expertise with our tech know-how to leave your competition treading water.


Enhance the booking process for staff and customers alike


Enjoy complete control of products and commercials


Boost your profits with increased upsell opportunities

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How it Works

First you create a set of pre- and post-cruise clusters. These can be as simple or as complex as you like, containing as many flight, hotel, transfer and attraction options as you need in order to meet your customers’ demands. You may choose to promote a specific, margin-boosting hotel or to return several results, ordered by price or class – there are no limitations. Next you attach these to your preferred sailings. Then, when your bookers input the customers’ criteria, CruisePro will conduct live searches, working with your chosen suppliers to retrieve the available options before presenting the results on screen as one single packaged price - all within one click.

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Increased Upsell Opportunities

CruisePro allows you to provide detailed variations within one search - from the cheapest flights available on certain days to a range of accommodation, transfer and attraction options. This means, unlike with the manual dynamic packaging process, upselling is easy. With all the options available on screen from the very first click, your conversion rate will soar.

Ultimate Flexibility & Control

With CruisePro technology at your fingertips, you can flex your knowledge to create bespoke packages that will really enhance your product offering. It also puts you in the driving seat in terms of deciding what is presented to your staff, your trade partners and your customers – giving you complete control of your product and the commercials involved.

Enhanced Booking Process

With CruisePro your staff can deliver a more efficient, streamlined service to your customers. Plus, because the packages are pre-determined, the prices can be cached and displayed on your own B2C website, helping you to attract more business too. Win-win!

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