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It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later

Traveltek’s summer 12-week internship has now finished.

So that’s Traveltek’s summer Internship 2017 now at an end. Those 12 weeks really flew in. We would like to thank the Internship class of 2017 for all their hard work, new ideas, and enthusiasm.

At Traveltek we really value the input of all our team members. Interns are not just here to make cups of tea and dish out the mail, they are here to get stuck in and impress us with what they can do.

For example, Hauke (picture, above right), our international business intern, researched and networked with various local commercial property providers in Hong Kong, which resulted in our new Hong Kong office contract being secured in July. Hauke also helped with visa matters and secured nine Business Travel Visa applications for staff both here in the UK and International, all of which included a visit to the India Embassy Support office. Real work, real situations all with commercial value to the business. The interns worked hard on real projects with that they each have secured invaluable relevant commercial experience for each of their chosen disciples of study.

Jack (pictured, above left), our final year marketing intern, has been involved in the creative and design stages for recent marketing campaigns. He’s also been tasked with successfully sourcing and proposing companies to work on marketing collateral. We were so impressed by Jack’s hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication that we offered him a full time, permanent position. He’s now a fully-fledged member of our marketing department.

Traveltek’s ethos is about delivering the best travel websites and functionality for our clients across the world. The only way to do this is by investing in our people and next generation of developers. In order to achieve this, we embrace our Development Interns, with challenging projects pushing the boundaries and giving them the guidance and support through a mentoring program, to enable them to delivery true value at the end of the internship. This year was no exception. The Development Interns supported our R&D Project and provided excellent advancement in our machine learning project.

Below are honest, unfiltered accounts of what some of the students made of their time here with us at Traveltek HQ:

Sridha Agarwal said, “The training and induction was really good. I especially liked how our suggestions from the catch-up session was taken seriously and acted on. Richard [Smith, CTO] and the mentors were very helpful with everything and I liked how they suggested different things we could look into and basically, encouraged us to think out of the box.”

“It has exceeded my expectations, it has given me a real insight as to how a business like this functions”, said Andrew Stevenson.  “I not only have a better understanding of how the business works but I was able to experience that style of working in a team professionally. “

Ian Denev said “I’m really happy with what we’ve achieved. I could definitely see it being used in production in the future. We tried to go above and beyond and managed to implement lots of features outside of the must-haves “

“I found the experience at Traveltek beneficial to get a better insight in how an SME, specifically an IT firm, operates and runs on a day-to-day basis”, said Hauke Schmidt.” I wanted to gain more practical experience through this internship and was given numerous opportunities to do so. “

Jack McLatchie said “Traveltek have a great group of people in the office and it was a treat to work with them. I was welcomed by everyone, and I was given the opportunity to gain experience of b2b marketing and offer my opinion on the marketing operations of the company. “

On behalf of Traveltek, I would like to personally thank each of the interns for the hard work, commitment and passion they have fully demonstrated in this internship. We wish you all great successes with your studies this year. Please keep in touch and we hope to see you apply for our next graduate scheme, news of which will to be announced shortly!