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Flexibility & Control
With Cruisetek technology at your fingertips, you can flex your knowledge to create bespoke cruise packages that will enhance your product portfolio. It also allows you to maximize your commercial agreements as you are in control of what packages/product is presented to your staff and customers.

Upsell Opportunities
Cruisetek allows you to provide detailed variations within one search – from the cheapest flights available on certain days to a range of accommodation, transfer and attraction options. This means unlike with the manual dynamic packaging process, upselling is easy. With all the options available onscreen from the very first click, your conversion rate will soar.

Enhanced Booking Process
With Cruisetek your agents can deliver a more efficient, streamlined service to your customers. Plus, because the cruise packages are pre-determined, the prices can be cached and displayed on your B2C website, helping you attract more business.

Benefits of Cruisetek for Travel Companies in the Cruise Industry

Cruisetek offers a range of benefits to travel companies in the cruise industry. First and foremost, it helps boost profits by taking advantage of increased upsell opportunities. By offering additional value through specific cruise rate codes, companies can generate more revenue. Additionally, the platform enables businesses to increase productivity by efficiently managing a larger product portfolio, leading to more sales and satisfied customers. With enhanced packaging options and an improved booking process, both staff and customers enjoy a seamless experience. Furthermore, the system reduces errors, resulting in more accurate bookings and decreased staff booking times. Finally, Cruisetek’s multi-channel distribution capabilities allow companies to reach a wider audience and maximize their reach in the market.

Key Features of Cruisetek for Travel Companies

  • Apply specific cruise rate codes to packages, so include cruise fare with added value
  • Able to creates packages and assign to a specific cruise itinerary across dates
  • Packages can be configured to be bookable or call to book
  • Fully integrated with front & mid office
  • Upgrade options on cabin, flight & hotel

Why Choose Cruisetek for Your Travel Business

Comprehensive Customization: Cruisetek provides a platform that allows you to tailor-make cruise packages according to your customer’s preferences. You can hand-pick flights, hotels, transfers, and attractions to create unique and personalized cruise experiences.

Leading Cruise Line Partnerships: We collaborate with the world’s leading cruise lines, ensuring that you have access to a wide range of options and destinations. Our platform offers detailed ship descriptions, itineraries, cabin information, and supporting images to assist you in showcasing the best offerings to your customers.

Increased Profitability: Cruisetek helps boost your profits through increased upsell opportunities. By applying specific cruise rate codes and offering added value, you can generate more revenue and increase your bottom line.

Streamlined Operations: Our platform is fully integrated with front and mid-office systems, allowing for efficient management of bookings and customer data. This integration reduces errors and decreases staff booking times, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Enhanced Booking Process: Cruisetek offers enhanced packaging options and an improved booking process for both your staff and customers. This streamlined experience ensures a seamless journey from browsing to booking, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Multi-Channel Distribution: With Cruisetek, you can expand your reach and maximize your market presence. Our platform supports multi-channel distribution capabilities, enabling you to connect with a wider audience through various online and offline channels.

To find out more about how Cruisetek can transform your business and book a demo today.

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