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With our headquarters nestled in Glasgow, UK, we proudly serve as a remote-first company, enabling our dedicated team members spanning the UK, Europe, India, Australia, America, and Canada to flourish. Our unwavering commitment revolves around providing impeccable customer service to our clients, including tour operators, travel agencies, and cruise lines. As an industry-leading travel technology company with over two decades of experience, Traveltek has revolutionized dynamic packaging and web-based solutions, cementing our presence in the global travel and leisure travel sectors.

From travel agents to cruise enthusiasts, anyone who has joined Traveltek becomes part of a dynamic family that thrives on innovation. In just a few minutes of reading, dive into the intricacies of the travel industry, exploring how our prowess has impacted tour operators, travel agencies, and cruise lines. Discover how Traveltek, with its rich 20-year legacy, remains a beacon of cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer service.

Our Traveltek Team

We have 90 employees based around the world, so, unfortunately, we can’t post them all but here are few faces from our global network that wanted to say hello and show off their best photo! Follow us on linkedin for more Traveltek team news.

Mal Barritt

Chief Executive Officer

Image of Cressida Sergeant

Cressida Sergeant

Chief Commercial Officer

Image of Stuart Cotterell

Stuart Cotterell

Chief Operating Officer

David Hayward

Chief Financial Officer

Gilbert Liddell

Chief Product Engineering Officer

Image of Dianne Clifford

Dianne Clifford

Head of Customer Support

Image of Leanne Woolvine

Leanne Woolvine

Head of Product

Image of Tracy Sharp

Tracy Sharp

Global Director of Revenue & Supply

Ravel Leite

Head of DevOps

Image of Rebecca Esterhuizen

Rebecca Esterhuizen

SVP North America

Image of Neil Welsh

Neil Welsh

Head of Sales - UK & Europe

Óscar Garrido Suárez

Head of LATAM & Global API Lead

Christian Sansom

Head of APAC

James Martindale

Head of North America

Rebecca Somes

Head of Digital Marketing

Hayley West

Head of Partnerships

Ben Welsh

Account & Project Manager - APAC

Alexia Camacho

Account Executive - AMER

Joseph Ganiwa

Business Development - EMEA