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Centralised Payment Method

Lodge cards provide organisations with a centralised payment method exclusively tailored to corporate travel purchases.

Options include a single company-issued card, multiple subsidiary cards under a group account, or cards issued on a per-cost or per-profit centre basis.

Streamlined Data Management

Lodge cards simplify the process. When business flights or rail trips are booked using the lodge card, all purchase data integrates into the travel agent’s information system and central travel account dashboard.

Each travel order triggers a payment authorisation request, ensuring a payment guarantee for the travel provider.

Efficient Billing and Repayment

Companies receive regular purchase statements, typically weekly or monthly, and repay the issuer within a timeframe ranging from seven to thirty days, depending on the lodge card product selected.

Travel agents are usually paid directly by the card or account issuer, offering enhanced payment security and reduced risk management costs.

Benefits for Travel Agents

Corporate travel agents often prefer working with companies equipped with lodge cards. They benefit from secure payments, lower risk management costs, and improved cash flow management thanks to shorter payment terms and predictable inbound flows.

The Lodge Card Workflow

The process begins when a company contacts its travel agent to place an order.

The travel agent books the order using a central reservation system (CRS) enabling them to identify available flights and create the booking. The booking is recorded into the billing settlement plan (BSP) to initiate billing.

Travel data is then collected and submitted from the travel agent to the lodge card issuer through the acquiring side of the payment system or via a dedicated travel data flow.

Issuers cross-check amounts using data feeds, reporting them to customers through intuitive and visual account dashboards and management information systems.

Lodge cards are a game-changer in corporate travel management, offering simplicity, transparency, and cost-efficiency for businesses and travel agents alike. Explore the potential benefits of lodge cards with Traveltek and revolutionize your corporate travel experience.

Maximizing Transparency in Your Travel Budget

Traveltek ensures optimal visibility into your travel budget through reporting. Generate detailed reports, integrating them into your management tools. With this level of insight, you have the tools you need to fine-tune your business travel expenses effectively.

Simplifying and Automating Management Procedures

The Traveltek lodged card system simplifies ticketing expenses, centralizing them in one convenient location. This simplification leads to various organizational benefits and, indirectly, cost savings.

For instance, the complex tasks associated with managing multiple vendors and invoices are replaced by the simplicity of dealing with a single point of contact. Additionally, the processing and integration of extensive data become automated, eliminating the need for time-consuming and unnecessarily intricate processes.

  • Streamlined invoice entry
  • Efficient invoice-booking reconciliations
  • Hassle-free issuance, processing, and validation of expense claims
  • Seamless identification and integration of recoverable VAT into your accounting systems

Enhancing Security by Eliminating Fraud Risk

Using the lodged card system from Traveltek comes with a high level of security assurance. The cards are dematerialized and exclusively accepted within our trusted partner network. As a result, the risk of fraud becomes virtually non-existent. Your financial transactions remain secure, providing peace of mind for your business.

Why Choose Traveltek?

Our state-of-the-art booking engines provide you with the tools you need to offer your customers a seamless booking experience. Whether it’s flights, hotels, cruises, or any other travel service, our booking systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of the modern traveler.

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We cater to all aspects of the travel industry, from leisure travel to corporate travel solutions. Whether your focus is on booking flights, hotels, car rentals, or creating custom cruise tour packages, Traveltek has the technology and expertise to support your business.

Our Connect Product Suite is designed to empower travel agents and travel businesses. You’ll have the tools to provide exceptional service, access real-time data, and efficiently manage bookings, all from a single, user-friendly interface.

We offer customised booking systems like AgentConnect tailored to your specific needs. We understand that each travel company is unique, and we work with you to create a solution that fits your business model perfectly.

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Partner with Traveltek for a Brighter Future

Join the ranks of successful travel agencies, tour operators, and travel businesses that have used the power of Traveltek’s technology to streamline their operations and better their booking experience.

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