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We’re looking for front-end Javascript, HTML and CSS developers to help build and improve upon future versions of our product. You will be part of the front-end team, working with project managers to deliver real projects and get real experience.

Our coding test starts by downloading this file…

– Fake People

This is a zipped JSON file containing about 10,000 randomly generated people. There are names, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers, co-ordinates and a few other things. None of these are real people, so don’t worry.

We’d like you to write a script in Javascript that can be run (in the browser or from a command line) that outputs the following statistics…

– The number of people with green eyes

– The top 10 most common surnames with their totals

– The details of the person who lives closest to the Eiffel Tower

– The average age of everyone with blue eyes

– One other interesting statistic of your choosing

What we’re looking for is…

– A straightforward approach. Don’t spend hours and over-engineer it!

– Clear output when your code is run

– Creativity in your own choice of statistic

– Understandable code

– Code that is re-usable against any other JSON file in the same format

Put your code together and send it along with information on how to run it, zip it all up, and return it back to the email address you were provided when you were sent this page.

We strongly urge you to not spend too long on your solution. This should be, at most, only 1 or 2 hours worth of development required, maybe even less if you’ve worked with JSON before. And if you haven’t worked with JSON before, then this is an excellent learning opportunity for a key development skill.

We look forward to seeing your approach.