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Cruise Solutions Tailored for Your Business

Whether you need a Cruise Reservation System, a Cruise Booking Engine, a Cruise API, or any other solution, we’re here to assist you in transforming your business and ensuring it’s ready for the future.

Our cruise reservation system is designed to connect cruise lines to a centralised platform through the cruise API.

This API is a vital link between travel agencies and suppliers within the cruise reservation system, enabling online travel agencies (OTAs) to access live, real-time inventory and availability.

Once your customers have selected their desired cruise, our cruise dynamic packaging solution allows you to offer a range of airline, hotel, and transfer options, enhancing their experience.

Tailored for forward-thinking businesses, this solution empowers you to craft bespoke cruise packages, enabling you to mix and match components to create truly unique vacation offerings.

Innovative Cruise Solutions

As a leading travel technology company, we offer solutions to enhance your travel selling experience.

Our cruise reservation system is designed to automatically assign rate cards, ensuring you get the best rates and discounts available. Linked to media files, our system provides rich content such as cabin photos, ship images, and deck plans, assisting you in the planning process.

With our online cruise reservation system, you can easily browse through cruise ships and cabins, making informed decisions for your customers.

For travel agents and agencies, our engine provides desired templates with brand customisation options, ensuring a unified booking experience for your clients. Our travel portal development services ensure that you have access to live, real-time inventory, making it easier than ever to book the perfect cruise.

Experience the future of the cruise industry with our innovative solutions, designed to cater to cruise lines, cruise ships, and travellers alike.

Want to find out more about our cruise booking engine solutions?

CruiseConnect: Your All-in-One Cruise Booking Software

Imagine having access to the entire cruise market, from different cruise companies to a vast selection of cabins, all on a single platform. With CruiseConnect, our innovative cruise booking engine, this becomes a reality. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple systems and embrace the efficiency of a unified cruise reservation system.

We know that user experience matters. That’s why we have designed CruiseConnect to provide travel agencies with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the booking process. Whether you’re a seasoned travel professional or just starting, our platform ensures that you can effortlessly search, book, modify, and cancel cruise packages 24/7, 365 days a year.

CruiseConnect doesn’t just offer basic information; it provides a treasure trove of rich content and data. From cabin photos and ship images to detailed deck plans, you can provide your clients with an immersive experience, helping them make informed decisions.

With secure payment gateway integration, CruiseConnect ensures that financial transactions are smooth and worry-free. Rest assured that your clients’ payments are processed securely and efficiently.

AgentConnect: Tailored for Travel Agents

We understand that travel agents have unique needs in the travel industry. That’s why we’ve created AgentConnect, a solution designed specifically for travel agencies. This platform streamlines operations and simplifies the booking process, allowing travel agents to offer their clients a hassle-free experience.

One of the standout features of AgentConnect is its automation capabilities. No more manual data entry or time-consuming processes. Our system effortlessly captures and integrates quality data, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

With Traveltek’s CruiseConnect and AgentConnect, you can stay ahead in the competitive cruise industry. Experience the convenience of a single platform, rich content, and automation. improve your cruise bookings with Traveltek, the trusted partner of travel technology companies worldwide.

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