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We had 60 seconds to ask Gareth Davies, Head of Infrastructure, some quick-fire questions. Here’s what he had to say:


  1. What part of the world do you call home?  Glasgow, Scotland is the place that I would call home.
  2. Who are your favourite music band? I have a lot of favourite bands, but the one I have most recently been obsessed with is Gunship – I think I have bought every piece of merch available!
  3. What is your favourite holiday destination? For me it has to be Hong Kong – it has such amazing diversity in such a small area with city, beaches, mountains, islands and nightlife of course. Plus my sister lives there.
  4. All-time favourite Christmas movie? It has got to be Home Alone. It is the best Christmas movie by far.
  5. Favourite type of food?  If you are asking what I would eat right now this very minute from anywhere? It would have to be an 84-day dry-aged fillet steak and triple-cooked fries from Tiffney’s Otago Street, Glasgow. It is the best.
  6. You joined the Traveltek family in October, what other sectors have you previously worked in? I previously worked for Skyscanner as a Squad Lead and Senior Systems Engineer. I’ve also worked in the Public Sector for CalMac as well as Microsoft.
  7. I know you have only been with Traveltek a couple of months, but what three words would use to describe the culture? Friendly, open and challenging (in a positive way)
  8. I have heard that you are a certified scrum master, what does that mean? SCRUM is an Agile project delivery framework designed to deliver continuous, iterative improvements in products and services. This differs from traditional project management where, in SCRUM, quality is central, time and cost are fixed, and features are variable. If anyone would like to reach out, I can explain in more depth.