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Revitalize Your Business with iSell

Supercharge your business with iSell, our flagship and award-winning product. It’s like having your own personal travel genie! As an advanced booking engine, iSell gives travel sellers like you the incredible power to create customized holidays that perfectly match your customers’ dreams.

Designed exclusively for the leisure travel industry, iSell transforms the way you sell travel products, making everything super-efficient. No more switching between different systems and getting overwhelmed. With iSell, you get access to a single, user-friendly platform where you can effortlessly search and book flights, hotels, cruises, and even extras like car rentals and attraction tickets, all in one go.

But that’s not all! iSell also comes with a handy CRM system built right in. This means you can effortlessly manage your customers and handle inquiries from one central hub, making your life so much easier.

Get ready to unlock the full potential of your business with iSell and watch your sales soar to new heights. It’s time to say goodbye to the old way of doing things and embrace a world of seamless travel booking at your fingertips.

Experience the transformative power of iSell and propel your business to new heights of success.

Flight Dynamic Packaging Technology

Experience one of the most comprehensive flight search solutions available in the market, offering unparalleled flexibility and an extensive range of suppliers. With our advanced technology, you have the option to connect to suppliers’ live APIs, providing real-time pricing and availability, or utilize our extensive cache of flight data for flexible and detailed searches. Enhance your capabilities further by integrating our Supplytek product, allowing you to manage your own flight inventory seamlessly within a single system.

Cruise Dynamic Packaging Technology

Our pioneering cruise booking engine was the first of its kind and remains one of the most advanced dynamic packaging solutions for cruise products, seamlessly integrating hotels, flights, and ancillaries. Delve into comprehensive ship descriptions, detailed cabin information, and essential supporting images. Elevate your cruise offerings with our CruiseConnect product, enabling you to curate unique and personalized cruise experiences by hand-picking travel components.

Hotel Dynamic Packaging Technology

Unlock the full potential of our feature-rich hotel search solution. Connect with over 50 leading accommodation providers worldwide, including Hotelbeds, Teldar, and Expedia, and enjoy a wide array of search and filter options. If you are a tour operator or contract your own hotel rates, our cutting-edge Supplytek product enables seamless integration of your rates and availability, giving you complete control over your hotel inventory.

Ancillary Dynamic Packaging Technology icon

Ancillary Dynamic Packaging Technology

Discover a vast array of ancillary services through our extensive supplier network. In addition to flights, hotels, cruises, and packages, you can seamlessly search and book car hires, transfers, insurance, airport parking, attraction tickets, resort services, lounge passes, and more. Our intuitive software caters to your customers’ ancillary needs, providing seamless upselling opportunities. With our Supplytek product, you also have the flexibility to manage your own ancillary inventory.

Advanced Tour Packaging Technology icon

Cruise Connect

Get ready for Cruise Connect, our next-generation GraphQL Cruise API. As pioneers in the industry, Traveltek is proud to be the first company to integrate with Carnival’s cutting-edge polar caps API. Cruise Connect boasts enhanced search speed, AI capabilities, and rich features, revolutionizing the cruise booking experience. We are also committed to supporting our cruise partners in fulfilling their sustainability pledges through our advanced technology. Agent Connect booking tool, powered by this innovative API.

Ancillary Dynamic Packaging Technology icon

Agent Connect

Our dedication to delivering innovative software solutions to the travel industry is exemplified by our AgentConnect product. To ensure fast, secure, and reliable service for our users, we rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting. AWS is renowned for its scalability, flexibility, and high-performance capabilities, making it the ideal choice for hosting our travel technology solutions. In every aspect of our product, we demonstrate our commitment to modern software development practices. By utilizing the latest tools and technologies, such as Python and React, we guarantee a fast, efficient, and user-friendly experience.

Flexible & Secure icon

Flexible & Secure

iSell is designed with flexibility and security as top priorities. Our modular product can be customized to meet your specific business needs, providing a tailored solution. Enjoy the convenience of a web-based platform, ensuring every aspect of your business operates securely online, 24/7. Even remote staff can access the system effortlessly, eliminating the need for costly and complex network solutions.

Fully Integrated CRM System


With iSell, you have the power of a fully integrated CRM system at your fingertips. This exceptional product gives you complete control over managing quotes and maximizing your marketing activities. It also offers information-rich content and supports multiple languages, ensuring a seamless experience for your global customers.

Operating on a convenient shopping basket model, iSell provides advanced search filters, allowing you to easily find the perfect travel options. What’s more, you have the flexibility to manage discounts and promo codes, and the ability to configure the system according to your unique requirements.

Stay on top of your business with real-time margin control and booking rule management. iSell empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your profit margins while ensuring compliance with your business policies.

Seize the reins and experience the unparalleled control and flexibility that iSell brings to your travel business. With this powerful tool, you can unlock new levels of efficiency and success.

Streamline Your Travel Business with iDeal Integration

Integrate iDeal into your travel business and say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple spreadsheets. With iDeal, you’ll gain access to an all-in-one platform that streamlines your operations, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. As a result, you’ll witness a boost in bookings and profits, setting your business on a path to success.

The beauty of iDeal is that it eliminates the need for employees to undergo training on various systems. This not only saves you valuable time but also reduces staff training costs and minimizes the chances of errors. With a simplified and unified platform, your team can focus on what they do best: providing exceptional service and growing your business.

Experience the transformational impact of iDeal on your travel business. Embrace improved efficiency, increased productivity, and a smoother workflow that will propel your success to new heights.

Book a demo today and explore how iSell can revolutionize your operations, making it a true one-stop solution.

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