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Is it better to book a cruise through a travel agent?

Is it better to book a cruise through a travel agent?

Thanks to the internet it is now easier than ever to book hotels and flights independently online, but can the same be said when booking a cruise?

With cruise booking, there is often much to consider, itineraries, shore excursions, cabins and mealtimes to name a few. It can be a confusing and stressful time, especially for first-time cruisers, when it should be an enjoyable experience. With the help of a travel agent, both first-time and experienced cruisers can leave the intricacies up to the experts.

Should I Book a Cruise through a Travel Agent?

Is it better to book a cruise through a travel agent?

Although it may be tempting to sort out all the details of your cruise yourself, there are great benefits to using a travel agent. The main one is that you will receive advice and guidance from a knowledgeable source. Travel Agents have booked plenty of cruises before and have probably experienced most issues so they will know how to rectify them. They may very well have first or second-hand experience of the cruise in question and will be able to provide you with the best tips and guidance for your trip.

When you book a cruise with travel agents, they will be able to discuss your preferences with you regarding budgets, travel needs and any other requests you have to provide you with the best cruise fit. They often receive special perks and offers through cruise APIs that you may not have access to if you book directly with the cruise line.

Is it Cheaper to Book Directly with Cruise line?

Travel agents often have significant buying power, which can result in better prices, especially when booking multiple cabins for a cruise. Travel agents also enjoy early access to special offers and may secure deals like low deposits. You can expect complimentary perks and freebies when booking through them. Moreover, travel agents sometimes have access to specific cabin types that might appear sold out if you book directly with the cruise line. You can also inform the agent about any cabin preferences or features you want to avoid, such as cabins with interconnecting doors or certain floors.

Is it better to book a cruise through a travel agent?

Furthermore, travel agents keep you informed about any itinerary or flight changes after your booking. In case you encounter issues, the agent will liaise with the cruise line on your behalf, saving you from long customer service hold times, which can be especially helpful with cruise lines that may not prioritize customer service. Lastly, travel agents provide impartial advice, ensuring that you book a cruise suitable for your needs, rather than just what the cruise line wants to sell you.

If you are used to booking your vacations yourself you may be reluctant to use a travel agent, or you might not even know of any travel agents you could use, cruise lines often work with travel agencies and will be able to recommend a suitable agent for you to work with.

Is Booking with a Travel Agent More Expensive?

It could easily be assumed that making a booking yourself will save you money, not paying for someone else’s time and skill, however, travel agents will receive a commission from the cruise lines as an incentive and should not be charging their customers more than it would cost for them to book direct.

Self-Booking a Cruise Online: Is it the Right Choice for You?

Is it better to book a cruise through a travel agent?

When you book a cruise online, you take on the responsibility of all the research, contacts, and cruise itineraries. There is no one there to suggest things you may have forgotten to book, or anyone to remind you of payments coming up.

If you are an experienced cruiser and know exactly what you want and need from your booking, plus you love to do your research and have the time to find the best deals, you may well look to book your own cruise. If you are first time cruiser you could certainly benefit from the experience from a travel agent, as well as make use of the deals and offers they may have access to.