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Transforming Together: Traveltek’s Journey to a Product-Centric Culture

For the last year, Traveltek has been on a trajectory of impressive growth and transformation. In fact, one of the most significant transitions I have experienced in my career has been our shift towards a product-centred mindset at Traveltek. In a rapidly evolving business environment, organisational transformation and personal growth often go hand in hand. This strategic shift has not only revitalised how Traveltek operates, but it has also provided us with a more structured, measured, and inclusive culture that fosters personal growth. 

Embracing a Product-Centric Approach

The transition to thinking with a product focus has fundamentally altered our operational dynamics; going from merely executing predefined tasks to thinking in terms of product lifecycle and customer journey. 

This means that every project is no longer just a set of tasks but a component of a larger product strategy that seeks to deliver consistent value to our customers. This mindset change has helped Traveltek think more holistically about the solutions we provide, improving both our internal processes and our offerings to customers.

Traveltek is at its core a technology company but what truly makes us unique is that we are built on 25 years of cruise and travel expertise. Through years of listening to, understanding and building for travel companies, we are now able to translate that knowledge and focus on the larger product strategy to deliver consistent value to our customers. 

Transformative Experiences at Traveltek

With this adoption, we have also seen an improvement in our communications and a growing sense of ownership by the team. There’s a shared sense of purpose and contribution that encourages personal investment and growth, fostering a more engaged and proactive workplace culture.

Joining Traveltek was a leap of faith for me, especially after facing redundancy. Not fully knowing what was expected of me or what my job would entail added to the thrill and challenges of a new beginning. However, this leap has led to such an enriching journey, highlighting the power of adaptability and resilience (and the importance of grace and humour when dealing with challenges).  

One aspect of my role that I love is the sheer unpredictability of each day. The constant influx of new challenges keeps the job exciting. While I am not keen on dominating discussions or steering meetings unnecessarily, I find great satisfaction in supporting my colleagues and helping them excel. 

My ultimate goal is to empower others by sharing knowledge and boosting their confidence – because imposter syndrome can affect everyone so it is my mission to help ensure that fear does not hold my team back from achieving their full potential.

Looking Ahead

Ten years into this journey, I reflect on these experiences as key aspects of not only my professional growth but also of Traveltek’s evolution into a growing and fulfilling place to work. 

Our transformation as a team and as an organisation will undoubtedly serve as a strong foundation for future endeavours as we continue to grow internationally.

Follow along as we continue to grow our iSell and Connect product suites with new and exciting updates and features in the near future.