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Traveltek signs up to become associate member of ATAS

Specialist technology provider Traveltek has become the latest firm to join the Association of Touring and Adventure Suppliers.

The company says Atas offers a platform for it to work more closely with its travel agent partners to find technology solutions and help them distribute product.

Atas was established by Travel Weekly to encourage closer relations between suppliers and agent partners and reflect the sector’s growing importance in the UK travel industry.

Traveltek global sales director Peter Whittle said: “Atas is there to educate the market on this growing sector.

“Part of that is getting product in front of travel agents and making it easier for them to access.

“It’s great that there’s now one voice, rather than fragmented suppliers, for the sector which has the biggest opportunity for growth in travel.

“It’s going to be the hub where people can get together and talk about opportunities.”

Whittle said Traveltek was “unique” within Atas because it provides travel agents with a sales channel distribution.

It works with consortia including Hays Travel, Freedom Travel Group, The Global Travel Group, The Travel Network Group, Barrhead Travel and The Midcounties Co-Operative.

“We have a strong presence among the majority of independent travel agents who will be the main audience of Atas suppliers,” he added. “We can connect that supply chain.”

Traveltek says it has seen a rise in niche tour operators using its technology to dynamically package tours with its inventory of flights and hotels.

The firm is a longstanding supporter of Cruise Lines International Association (Clia) and Whittle said Atas can help touring and adventure suppliers work together in a similar way.

Travel Weekly’s editor-in-chief Lucy Huxley said: “Traveltek is another valued member of Atas, which is bringing together the growing sector of touring and adventure.

“It’s great to see another company that has travel agents at its heart come on board with Atas as it continues to grow into the focal point for the touring and adventure sector.”