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Dynamic Packaging – What’s It All About?

Travel packaging, particularly in Europe, has been in a phase of constant evolution for the best part of two decades, since travel embraced the web.

The first major development was the introduction of dynamic packaging, a method which allows operators and agents to combine various travel components to create a customised holiday using web-based software. We were one of the first to offer this online via our now award-winning platform iSell.

Recent years have seen other players in the industry turn to dynamic packaging to a greater degree, for example, airlines with their own branded holiday products such as Easyjet Holidays and Emirates Holidays. This is becoming increasingly popular as more and more airlines recognise the opportunity to maximise profitability through ancillary sales.

However, recent changes in legislation in the form of the updated Package Travel Regulations (PTR), have led to some concern. Under the new controls, more holidays will be recognised as packages, giving holidaymakers added security when something goes wrong. Essentially this means that any travel company that combines and sells services for the purpose of the same trip or holiday, giving the customer a single contract, will be considered the package provider, making them liable for it and all included components. This means customers can claim directly with the booker for a refund or an alternative option if something isn’t provided or isn’t as expected. This is certainly something to think about when contemplating entering the dynamic packaging market.

Additionally, one of the major questions a company should ask itself before contemplating this selling method is whether or not they have a sufficiently robust software system in place to deal with the complexity that comes with dynamic packaging. Numerous companies will tell you that they have the solution to all of your problems with their technology but do they truly understand the market and the potential risks?

At Traveltek, we have over 20 years of experience within the travel technology industry and an unparalleled understanding of the market. We were the first company in the industry to offer dynamic packaging online and the first to offer cruise dynamic packaging too.  As your partner in technology, we will react to new developments within the marketplace, such as PTR, implementing new features to our platform to keep you trading with piece of mind.

If you’d like to find out more about dynamic packaging software, contact us to book your free demo. Having won the title of ‘World’s Leading Dynamic Packaging Solutions Provider’ for the last four consecutive years, we will ensure that you get it right first time.