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Tourtek Your Cutting-Edge Tour Packaging Solution

Are you eager to craft thrilling and exclusive tours? Look no further than Tourtek, our cutting-edge tour packaging product. With its user-friendly platform and advanced features, Tourtek empowers you to design and price captivating tour packages effortlessly, enabling you to generate customer quotes in mere seconds.

Get ready to build tours that connect seamlessly with multiple suppliers, giving your customers the flexibility to upgrade their flights or hotels according to their preferences. Say goodbye to managing complex itineraries with stress and hassle—Tourtek simplifies the process for you. Enrich your tours with detailed content to enhance your customers’ experience and keep them engaged throughout their journey.

With Tourtek, you can efficiently manage your entire product lineup from a centralized location, enabling seamless distribution across multiple channels. Take control of your tour business and unlock its full potential with Tourtek’s unmatched capabilities.

Product Benefits

Greater control of products and pricing
✓ more bookings, additional revenue and profit
✓ complete control of suppliers being used to maximise profit
✓ provide consistency of product to your staff and customers

✓ competitive edge
✓ ability to create and manage unique product for your customers
✓ able to add product to tours based on customer requirements

Enhanced product portfolio 
✓ market opportunities
✓ multi market capabilities

Product distribution 
✓ search & book agent application – iSell
✓ B2C/B2B fully hosted solutions
✓ online fully bookable
✓ API distribution

Back office integration
✓ fully integrated with Traveltek’s back office solution supporting;
✓ stylish auto generated customer documentation
✓ management reporting
✓ supplier payments
✓ view my booking capabilities
✓ manifest reporting

Customer quotes
✓ integrated stylish quote documents
✓ consistency of branding for quotations
✓ manage customer profiles, enquires and quotes

Product Features

Upgrades & optional extras 
✓ Hotel, room type, board basis and flight
✓ Supports optional extras for attractions, events, tours & transfers
Pricing display
✓ First results are based on a rapid cache results
✓ Calendar display will make it easier for user to check availability and price

Price management
✓ Can be a fixed price or a price calculated dynamically

✓ Allocation control for each tour/dates
✓ Highlights for each tour
✓ USP for each version of a tour ( eg same tour but different USP)
✓ Daily itinerary
✓ Supports multiple entries for each day, images, time , geo codes
✓ Adults only & capability configuration
✓ Translation module

✓ Connects live to GDS & LCC suppliers
✓ Supports own stock allocations, perfect for tours outside of flight GDS range
✓ Supports one ways
✓ Supports open jaws

✓ Connects to live suppliers
✓ Supports hotel contracting module
Attractions, events, tours, transfers
✓ Each element can be loaded into inventory/allocation module

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