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Traveltek Announces New Strategic Partnership with Travel Technology Company SION

We are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Sion, a SaaS platform that helps travel advisors and agencies manage their commissions.

The partnership allows for mutual customers in North America (such as MAST Travel Consortium) to track and manage their cruise booking commissions inside the Sion platform.

In response to the increasing demand for a modern, efficient way to search and book cruises, we introduced our groundbreaking Connect product suite in late 2023. The suite includes AgentConnect, a state-of-the-art cruise booking system for travel advisors, and CruiseConnect, an advanced cruise API.

Cruise is a growing market for travel advisors and agencies. McKinsey reports a 6 percent yearly revenue growth in the past decade and major cruise lines planning for increased capacity.

The Connect suite is designed to provide travel companies with unmatched speed and accuracy, setting a new standard in the cruise booking industry.

This new partnership between Traveltek and Sion will enable advisors to create their cruise bookings on AgentConnect and easily import their booking data and commissions into Sion. Advisors will no longer need to manually enter the data, which saves them time and removes the risk of human error.

Speaking of the partnership, Rebecca Esterhuizen, Senior Vice President North America at Traveltek, stated “In partnering with Sion, Traveltek is not only advancing its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the leisure travel sector but also ensuring that our partners, including our mutual partners at MAST Travel Consortium, receive unparalleled service and support. This partnership is an exciting new era for AgentConnect and demonstrates the ease for travel advisors and agencies and elevating their client experiences.”

Irving Betesh, Co-Founder & CEO of Sion added: “Customers love Sion because it’s easy to use and helps them get paid faster. Partnering with Traveltek gives our agencies even more tools to grow their business. And when advisors aren’t overwhelmed with admin, they can focus on what truly matters – their clients.”