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What Is a Travel API and How Can It Help Your Business?

Travel APIs have taken off in a big way in recent years, but what, exactly, is a travel API? More importantly, how can it help your travel brand?

In simple terms, APIs or Application Programming Interfaces allow developers to connect networks, individual devices, and information streams. Travel APIs provide access to desired travel content such as flights, hotels, transfers, payment gateways and many more. This includes shop and book, payment, rich content and branding.

Traveltek provides the travel trade with a wide range of API services that both provide valuable content and deliver consolidated super itineraries.

Why Use an API?

Utilising APIs can undoubtedly provide value to travel agency brands; there are a few key benefits that make their use a no-brainer for travel businesses looking to provide a more dynamic user experience.

  • Reduction of operational costs – using an API can save travel businesses significant time and resource, both in terms of development and maintenance and in man-hours for operational staff. For many companies, cost reduction opportunities are to be found in the elimination of manual activities. For example, time spent by staff manually sourcing flight details or hotel information for clients can quickly add up while using an API to deliver the relevant information negates this.
  • Increase speed to market – an API can help to cut lengthy development processes. Using modern, open and well documented APIs can help you get to market quicker by consuming structured data via easy to use methods. This means you can focus upon delivering great user experience to clients and travellers, rather than getting stalled by technical complexity.
  • Enhancing your reputation – a simple one; the better the user experience for your customers, the more likely they are to speak positively on their experience and return for their next trip. Using APIs can ensure you provide travellers with all the information they need, in one place.

With more leisure travel suppliers integrated than any other platform on the market, Traveltek’s API provides you with a huge amount of power, allowing you to harness the strength of our award-winning booking platform and integrate it with your own system.

With over 300 suppliers integrated, Traveltek’s API empowers you to do more business. From the world’s biggest travel suppliers to local, niche providers, you’ll have access to the industry’s largest community of buyers and sellers worldwide.