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Our role extends to distribution partner too. Once you’ve created your offers in the Supplytek platform, you can sell your product to our extensive customer database. We also facilitate distribution to non-Traveltek customers through our API. This means third-parties can search and book your products through one single and consistent interface.

As with all our products, Supplytek integrates seamlessly with our dynamic packaging booking platform, iSell, giving you a single solution for managing your business. This means there’s no new software to install and no new set of credentials to remember.

Effective Management
With Supplytek, managing your own stock is simple and efficient. Whether that be accommodating, cruise, flight, transfer, insurance or event allocations, you can easily load, manage, package, price and sell your own stick via your website, or via our extensive network as a supplier on the Traveltek platform


  • Intuitive interface makes products easy to load
  • real time pricing and availability
  • central management of dates , pricing and availability
  • integrates with iSell to mix your stock with other travel components
  • set predefined display criteria
  • Multi channel distribution capabilities
  • Complex rules system allows manipulation of results

SupplyTek offers a multitude of benefits to travel companies. With this platform, you can tailor your offers to meet the requirements of specific distribution agreements, ensuring you provide personalized experiences to your customers. Its flexibility allows you to make sweeping changes across multiple channels or targeted adjustments for specific segments. By using SupplyTek, you can avoid conflicts and double bookings, minimizing the risk of customer dissatisfaction. The ability to manipulate results empowers you to optimize pricing and availability to boost profits. Additionally, SupplyTek enhances efficiency by streamlining operations and providing a centralized hub for managing multiple sales channels.

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