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At Traveltek, we’re extremely proud to be the world’s leading provider of dynamic packaging solutions. Our omni-channel booking platform is the only, fully integrated, end-to-end system of its kind available in the leisure travel market. Together with our integrated partners, we connect the leisure travel industry’s largest community of buyers and sellers worldwide and are proud to have been recognised as the World's Leading Dynamic Packaging Solutions Provider for the last five years running.

Over eight million customers buy from our clients every year, transacting in excess of $11 billion across more than 35 countries. And these figures are continuing to rise. Join the revolution.


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Integration Checklist

If you’d like to become a supplier on our world-leading platform, there are a few things we’ll need from your end to make this work. First off, we need a detailed description of your product(s) for evaluation. We also need access to your API specification - plus any static content you have - and a list of the destinations that your product is available. Finally, you’ll need to supply us with the URL and login details for your test environment and, where applicable, your post development accreditation certification requirements.

Become part of our growing network and you'll be able to distribute to our global client base.

Current Suppliers

Flight Suppliers

In 2018 alone, our platform transacted over $380 million in 13 different currencies for our airline partners. We work with low-cost, scheduled and chartered airlines, plus all four GDS. We have some NDC agreements in place too. However you want to do business with us, it pays to be part of our growing platform.

Accommodation Suppliers

From accommodation giants like Hays Travel, Booking.com and Expedia to local boutique hotels and specialist providers, our system generated more than $375 million in accommodation revenue for our valued partners last year. That’s over 362 thousand overnight stays, across more than 35 countries. No matter how big or small, integration with our system will help your business grow.

Cruise Suppliers

With the increased popularity of ocean and river cruising, now is the time to capitalise on the boom in demand. Cruise revenue in our platform last year totalled over $2.3 billion pounds; an all-time high. In fact, between 2017 and 2018 alone, cruise bookings globally grew by a massive 15%. With that trend set to continue, now is the time to get connected.

Ancillary Suppliers

When it comes to ancillaries, we’re always on the look-out for new suppliers, ensuring our platform provides bookers with everything they need to book their customer’s perfect trip in one single transaction. We connect with leading transfer companies, car suppliers, attractions, parking companies, and more, and transact more that $148 million annually.

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