Data Driven Design

Our UX consultancy service helps take your website to the next level, ensuring customer engagement is optimised at every touch-point. It starts with an in-depth discovery phase, following which our team will build your new website with user experience front of mind, delivering significant increases in conversion rates and ROI.


Makes design critique objective rather than subjective

Increased ROI

Improves customer journey and optimises conversion rate

Knowledge is power

Gives greater understanding of cross-device booking implications

Web Design

UX design is described as encompassing all aspects of an end user's interaction with a company, its services and its products. In essence, user experience design is about ensuring your customers are engaged with you at every touchpoint.




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Discovery Phase

In the discovery phase, the team will complete a statistical analysis using data gleaned from Google analytics, competitor reviews, heatmaps and user impression tracking. Next, following further market research and a customer profiling exercise, the team will create B2C and B2B customer personas based on your target market. Once the user-groups have been identified, moderated, lab-based user research will be conducted. You’ll then be presented with the findings, which will include a presentation workshop, video clips and a summary report.

Design & Build

Following the Discovery Phase, the team will complete a site map audit and a will draw up a production plan. The next step in the process is to conduct collaborative wireframing sessions. Mobile first wireframe authoring will also be completed. Before build starts, high fidelity, cross-device mock-ups of the entire user journey will be produced for your sign off. Once approved, our UX team will pass the project to our highly experienced front-end development team who will complete the build on our latest, NX platform.

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