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Package tour operators have traditionally sold a combination of self-contracted flights and hotels. However, as the travel market has evolved, the lines between agent and tour operator roles have blurred, with both creating and selling their own contracted stock. That's why we created iTop - a tour operating system that integrates seamlessly with our world-leading dynamic packaging platform, iSell, to give you one single solution for managing your entire travel portfolio.

So, if you want to create a package, but your experience is limited to flight-only, hotel contracting or a little of both, you need a technology solution to give you a helping hand. iTop does exactly that, enabling you to automatically mix your own stock with third-party stock and providing you with a complete set of tour operator packages that are ready to be sold in-house or distributed elsewhere.

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How it Works

Creating packages in iTop is easy. Simply enter your hotel and flight stock into the system and then select the dynamic packaging suppliers that will complement your offering. Or, if your forte is flights but not hotels, we can automatically combine each of your available flights with hotel stock from your chosen bed bank partners. The package results generated will then be displayed when a search is made on your website, through our API, or when distributed as a flat-file to other third-party sites. Simple!

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Fully Integrated

iTop integrates seamlessly with iSell to bring all your administrative functions into one place. It also integrates with all other products in our portfolio to provide a tight and seamless integration that no other platform on the market can provide. Click the complete solution to see how it all fits together.


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